Holistic Guided Walks to enhance wellbeing & health

These walks will take place once a month at the weekends during the winter, and on some evenings during the summer months.

If you are a hotel or have a garden and are looking to create packages to attract more visitors, or offer something unique to your guests, please contact me, I can adapt this holistic, guided walk to any location in Ireland.

Who are these walks for?

People who are interested in health and wellness and are fit to walk for a couple of hours in beautiful surroundings (and be prepared to do so even if the weather is not good).

People who are interested in the local (food) history and stories about the area.

People who love food and love to eat well.

People who understand the connection between their own health and what they eat and their lifestyle. They are interested to learn more about the most up-to-date scientific research on nutrition and lifestyle. They like to have access to a qualified Nutritional Therapist without having to commit to a one-to-one programme.

They like to learn in an enjoyable environment and learn through an experience rather than a consultation.

Description of the day:

We all meet at a designated time and place.

Introduction of myself and my story, what to expect of the day.

We will start the walk/hike directly from a hotel or garden/market/parking spot or if not, there will be a mini-bus shuttle taking us to the starting point.

At each hike, there will be at least 3 longer stops where I will talk (for about 10mins or so) about specific nutrition topics that have some connection to what we see. Then all participants are invited to discuss amongst themselves while continuing the hike. And, I’m also always available to answer all questions that the participants have about their own nutrition and health concerns. These nutritional consultations and coaching sessions would cost you €95/hour if you booked a 1-2-1 consultation!

We might also learn a bit about the healing plants that grow in the area and pick up a few foraging tips.

I also love to introduce Mindfulness, where we become totally present in the moment and walk in stillness.

For example:

We see a field of barley or wheat. I explain when agriculture started in Ireland, how it evolved, where it is today, and how it relates to that specific location where we are in.

Then I move to current topics such as recommendations to eat less carbs and the increase of gluten-free products. Where do these recommendations come from, who are they for, who benefits, what are the possible dangers etc.

The goal is to give a platform to discuss and ask questions, and take home what is relevant and what changes each person can make to improve their own health and wellbeing.

During each walk, there will be a (picnic) break in nature where I serve healthy, homemade snacks (or snacks that have been produced by the hotel or café), and I explain, why these are better than standard chocolate bars and energy drinks.

We finish the walk, inside with another meal experience, depending on the location.

Hiking Wicklow