Wellness & Touring Ireland

with Ilona MAdden – Certified tourist guide

How do you want to spend your holiday?


Rather than spending hours in the coach and ticking off “must-sees”, many travellers now want to take a more relaxed approach and spend more time outdoors.

If you like to experience your holiday in smaller groups really exploring Ireland, spending as much time as you can in beautiful spots and relaxing, listening to stories of locals and learning more about what life is like in Ireland from someone living here – you have found your guide.

My main goal as a tourist guide is to prioritise your wellness and your wellbeing while you visit Ireland. 

As someone who is very interested in overall health and a healthy lifestyle, I show you ways to connect with this beautiful spiritual country. You will take home not only beautiful memories but lasting impressions that can change your life. 

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Dublin Tours - Wellness Tour Guide - Ilona Madden

Dublin Tours

Discover Ireland’s bustling capital by foot. You will decide on your itinerary together with me, based on what your area of interest is, which highlights you want to include, how much you want or can walk. We will meet at your city centre hotel or at an arranged location in the city centre.

Full Day Tours - Wellness Tour Guide - Ilona Madden

Full Day Tours

Discover the whole of Ireland including Northern Ireland with an experienced guide who loves to show you the real Ireland and its beauty spots. My main objective is it that you will feel well and happy throughout your holiday in Ireland and that you will create long lasting memories.

Retreats - Wellness Tour Guide - Ilona MAdden


During my retreats you will pull back from civilisation and leave the stresses of daily life behind. You will do yoga, relaxation exercises and daily meditation as well as long relaxing walks. You will also learn about good nutrition and do workshops to create new nutrition & lifestyle habits that will make this holiday feeling last well into the future.


Planning Your Itinerary

Let me help you with the planning of your itinerary for your scheduled stay in Ireland.

Please note, that while I am NOT a tour operator, I can still help you with the planning of an itinerary that is enjoyable and do-able, I will make suggestions and give you links where you can book yourself, meaning you are in control of what you book. However, you might find it easier to book everything through an Irish Tour Operator, in that case, you can still ask me for my opinion or input.

I also work with all the Irish Operators and you can always request me with them as well.

About Ilona Madden

Approved Tourist Guide of Ireland, Certified Nutritional Therapist and Health & Lifestyle Coach, Qualified Track&Trail Guide, Mountaineering Lowland Leader

Ilona has experience in all aspects of tour guiding, whether this is looking after big coach groups on Tour Series travelling the length and breadth of Ireland in 10 days, ad-hoc groups, religious tours, hiking tours, walking tours or groups of all sizes.

She wants to create lasting memories and experiences that her guests will be able to take home and incorporate into their daily lives!

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