Bray Camino

Saturday, 21st January 2023 – 10am

Start: St. James Church, Dublin

Finish: Bray Seafront

The Bray Camino is a 32k route along the coastline of Dublin Bay which is one of the official Celtic Camino routes in Ireland. Please note that this is a free event and that it is up to you to inform yourself about updates and that this walk is completely at your own risk!

I want to celebrate my health and fitness by taking on a challenge for my birthday and I’d love to have as many like-minded friends join me on this challenge.

People who – like me – embrace a healthy lifestyle and who want to take responsibility for their health. People who just love being outdoors regardless of the weather and love great chats about health and well-being. People who don’t want to accept that aging automatically means everything is going downhill. People who like to challenge themselves every now and again. People who are not dogmatic about healthy eating but prefer to eat well to feel well.

  1. Step: Let me know you are interested in joining and if you are happy to be added to a WhatsApp group to keep you updated, please send your full name and your mobile number to
  2. Step: Collect or Order your Pilgrim passport if you haven’t got one yet at Pilgrim Passport – Booklet | caminosociety
  3. Step: Put the date into your diary
  4. Step: Start training – most of the walk is on roads and on even grounds, but it is important that you are fit and well especially if you are intending to do the whole distance.
  5. Step: Get prepared – check what you might need to be able to stick to this long walk. Do you have a suitable backpack, organise drinks and food as there aren’t many places where you can shop along the route? Do you have proper shoes that are comfortable to walk on concrete on? Do you have a first-aid kit, especially blister plasters? Please note, it is your responsibility to be best equipped.  The group will not wait for you – especially if you are not prepared!
  6. Step: If you don’t want to walk the whole route, have a look at the map and decide where you want to walk. Check this leaflet for the distances along the route. Celtic Camino – Camino Society Ireland Please note, we will be walking it in reverse as a 10 am start in Dublin City Centre will be easier in the winter months and I like to finish in Bray.
  7. Step: You can start at 10 am at St James Church / Camino Center on the day – or anywhere along the route. Once you’ve joined the WhatsApp group, I will give approx times on what time we estimated to be where. Check out your nearest DART or bus stop
  8. Step: If you like to use this event as a fundraiser, set up your own Fundraising page and choose your own charity.
  9. Step: See you on the 21st January 2023 at St James Church / Camino Center, Dublin