About Ireland

Why Visit Ireland?

Ireland is a relatively small country (about the size of Bavaria) and yet the landscape is so varied that you can see completely different scenery every single day of your stay. From wild dramatic mountains to gentle rolling hills, from peaceful lakes in Midlands to powerful waves along the Wild Atlantic Way, from buzzing cities to quiet country towns, from busy pubs with live music and singing to sleepy relaxing resorts – you will find whatever you are looking for in your perfect holiday.

Ireland is famous for it’s “Ceid Mile Failte” = a hundred thousand welcomes and the warm welcome you are going to get from the local people that you will meet. “There are no strangers only friends you have never met” is an Irish saying that is so true here. Most visitors to Ireland – when asked what they liked best about the county – say it’s the people. The friendliness that you find everywhere. 

You need time for Ireland. Ireland is best experienced by taking time, time to soak up the atmosphere and breathe in the fresh clear air. Ireland – and the Irish people – cannot be rushed, but this is what will calm you down and will help you switch off and just be yourself.

Wellness Tour Guide - About Ireland - Ilona Madden

There’s something magical about Ireland and in it’s landscape, maybe it’s the connectedness of it’s people to old traditions that date back way further than Celtic times, although the Celts have certainly also shaped this landscape and the people. 

You will find modern cities and hotels with every feasible comfort you are looking for, excellent wifi and tech companies such as Google and Facebook, and many more. But you also find sites that date back to 2000 BC. In every corner of the country will you find parts stories and remnants of buildings steeped in Irish history that are fascinating and will keep you captivated.

Ireland leaves an impression on its visitors and long after your stay, you will take a part of Ireland home with you and the memories will have a long-lasting effect.

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